Gift Aid 2013

The new changes by the HMRC regarding Gift Aid claims are upon us. As from April 2013, any large volume Gift Aid claims can now be submitted electronically from your CRM database. In order to cater for this need we have developed the GA Hub.

This product will extract the information from your CRM and send the information through to the HMRC Online Gateway before updating your CRM with the response received back from the HMRC.


The benefits of buying our new product are:

– It will greatly reduce the overheads associated with the manual processing of each Gift Aid claim, saving you both time and money.

– The hub will process as many records as you have, up to the HMRC limit of 500,000 records.

– You can make Gift Aid claims as often as you like as it will collect the information from your CRM as often as you want to schedule it.

– When you buy the GA Hub, you are also buying our underlying integration platform, which can be extended to meet any further integration requirements involving multiple systems, both now and in the future.


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